Remaster you say?

Good Morning my gaming cronies! What a wonderful morning it is. Yes, we have big news just in and it comes in the form of 2 infamous remastered titles. Additionally, we have information on yet another intriguing development for a future resurrected big name title.


Marcus, stop teasing…

Ok, Ok il give in, the 2 awesome titles which made me spit out my Coco Pops this morning are none other then Shenmue 1 & 2!. You heard me correctly. Shenmue was an early 90s Dreamcast RPG game that was the first of its kind in many aspects of RPG gaming. Its deep story, tricky action combat sequences and emotional heart-wrenching romances made it an instant cult classic and in modern times, a rare collectable.


With the announcement of Shenmue 3 coming this year, the remastering announcement is icing on big sexy fudge cake!. Sega has listened to its gaming community and rewarded them like the true old school masters that they are. Much love Sega!


Capcom reminds me of my uncle, a cool character, always full of surprises and you just got to love em. They have pulled a rabbit out of a hat recently and announced their interest in remastering Dino crisis. But that’s not what you should be excited about just yet because legitimate proof has surfaced that patents have been placed for Onimusha!

The awesome and incredible game mixed puzzles, samurai and Japanese folklore into a difficult “dark souls-like”, nail-biting battling combat RPG.

I freaking loved Onimusha, memories of my best friend and I completing Onimusha 2 in one sitting pop into my mind. It took a 10-hour session, a belly full of Haribo and Doritos but we finished it at 4 am. It was a memorable midterm break.

Remaster it already

With a big trend developing in the remastering of old titles, Gameir would like to know what game do you crave to be remastered! What old school title would you sell your dog for tomorrow?

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