Capcom’s latest Resident Evil Showcase was a grab-bag of new information about the beloved survival horror series. Starting with the tent-pole Resident Evil Village, viewers were also introduced to new multiplayer title Re:Verse.

Whaddaya Sellin’?

Village was confirmed for a May 7th release this year, along with the announcement that it’ll be coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One family also. This will include a free upgrade option if last-gen players move over to the newer systems the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A number of pre-order options were displayed, including a version that bundles Resident Evil 7. If you’re looking to catch up with modern Resi, that’s a great option.

The gameplay segment shown was intense, the whole vibe feeling more like Bloodborne than any other Resident Evil title. The fights against main villain Lady Dimitrescu’s insect swarm daughters look especially incredibly spooky and tricky. There’s a Suspiria vibe to them that is immensely appealing and their curved blades promise they’ll be peeling you too.

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The Duke of Hazards

As an aside, I am incredibly excited about the Duke, the new merchant character in Village. An intensely obese foppish looking guy who sets up shop at various points in the campaign. I have very little to say other than he’s a character who already appeals to me immensely. Friendship with sexy giant vampires over, now the Duke is my best friend!

An extra surprise was made available for PS5 owners. Maiden, an exclusive non-combat focused demo launched after the stream. This is more of a mood piece, establishing the world and tone of Village. As a demonstration of next-gen visuals and audio it seems terrific, a must-try for anyone lucky enough to have access to the platform.

Re:Verse Psychology

Resident Evil Re:Verse is included with Village. A four to six player deathmatch game starring class Resi characters with a comic influenced art-style. Once you die you will mutate into a Bioweapon to exact revenge. There’s more to come on this title but as a freebie, it looks like it could be a hoot with pals.

Alongside a quick update on their new Netflix CG film that was about it for the showcase. A fine if brief look at what lies ahead for the franchise, hopefully, there will be more treats and tricks available throughout the year. After all, you only turn 25 once.

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