The UK based independent games developer Bad Logic Studios has announced that their zombie/steampunk themed action platformer game Steampunk Graveyard is coming soon to Steam for Windows. Not only that it will be released just in time for Halloween.

Steampunk Graveyard is a 2D action platform adventure where nefarious Baron Richter von Sprocket has turned the dead into piston-powered zombie automatons, making the dead walk with a metallic clunk! It’s up to the Baron’s mechanically enhanced former protégé, Professor Selene Gasket, to put a stop to the menace and save the terrified villagers.

It was a Steampunk Graveyard Smash

Armed with a revolver, powerful explosives, and spring-loaded blades, Selene will shoot, blast and slice her way from graveyard to graveyard, as players guide her on a journey to put an end to the Baron’s evil plan.

Along the way players and Selene will face zombie automatons and grenade throwing robotic brain-drones, while the Baron floats above it all in his hot air balloon, controlling his creations remotely using a radio device.

I have to say I’m intrigued by Steampunk Graveyard. The aesthetic design is charming, the score is suitably ghoulish and the gameplay though seemingly simplistic looks engaging.

The other aspect that I have to speak on which may come across as a critique but is actually a compliment is the similarity to Broforce. It’s fast, it’s frenetic and honestly looks like a lot of fun. Stay tuned to GamEir for more information before its release closer to Halloween.

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