daemon_9 – an FMV indie game that combines the thrill of a found-footage horror movie with the mystery-solving challenge of games like Her Story – will be released on Steam on October 31st.

In daemon_9, the player must solve a supernatural crime using only found images, information, and video footage, both within the game and out on the web — before they become the next victim.

This indie game is produced and developed by Jeffrey Jackson, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker with a diverse background in storytelling and web development. He wrote, directed, edited and programmed it all nearly single-handedly over the past several years.

Originally daemon_9 was a purely web-based experience released in late 2017, where the game communicated with players with real SMS and E-mails. But with the Steam version, this functionality is integrated within the game itself.

What you need to know
* Solve the supernatural mystery that’s told full motion video (FMV) content.
* Experience the story through found images, information and live-action video clips shot by an indie film director.
* Realistic supernatural crime-solving experience*
* Play under intense time pressure as you either save the girl or become the next victim.
* Breath-taking scenes enhanced with high-end audio & visual effects.

“I’ve always been a guy who wears a lot of hats, so while it may not have been the most time-efficient way to create daemon_9, I feel I know every inch of it intrinsically that allows me to make a richer, more tightly integrated story experience.” Jeff describes approaching the creation daemon_9 “as a filmmaker rather than a gamer, to keep it intrinsically rooted in the cinematic.”
—Jeffrey Jackson, founder, Curio Productions

I’ve never played a game like daemon_9 but I’m impressed by the ingenuity of the style. The design of the “monsters”  in this FMV are fascinating and clearly, the team at Curio Productions have put their best foot forward. Not just that having the founder go for a more cinematic angle than gaming will give daemon_9 it’s own unique flavour. Stay tuned to GamEir for more ghoulish goings on in the gaming world.

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