Salt and Sacrifice has received a release date of May 10th. This second instalment of the soulslike series Salt and Sanctuary will be landing on PlayStation and PC exclusively via Epic Games Store.

A terrible fate awaits the decaying Altarstone Kingdom. Corrupted Mages, terrifying beings capable of controlling elements in chaotic displays, wreak havoc across the realm. To fight the evil beings, the forsaken and condemned find a new purpose, conscripted to fight as Marked Inquisitors as punishment for past crimes. Only by slaying the Mages can Marked Inquisitors begin to purify the kingdom and find some semblance of redemption.

Play as one of eight character classes before setting out from Pardoner’s Vale and wandering the western frontier. Progress across the dying land, battling with an array of weapons and arcane abilities to support a variety of playstyles. Engage in pitched showdowns against the Mages. Destroy their hearts and claim otherworldly flesh and bones to craft new armour sets and weapons before marching onward to find the remaining Mages.

Salt and Sacrifice can also be played solo or online multiplayer, with the option for both PVE and PVP.

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