Following a hugely successful beta in 2020, YOOZOO’s cartoon-style strategy MMO Infinity Kingdom is now available globally on iOS and Android devices. Head into battle to defeat the pesky Gnomes and stop them from getting their evil, little hands on the World Heart and its powerful energy. Lay siege and capture territories in epic City Sieges and build your own empire.

Charge into battle as some of the most well-known historical leaders of all-time. From the famed Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, England’s invader and king, William the Conqueror, ancient Chinese heroine Mulan, and the talented English archer Robin Hood are just some of the more than 60 characters who will be able to lead your attacks

Organise these leaders’ skills by Troop Type, Element, and Position for an incredible test of your tactical knowledge. Will you smash your enemies to smithereens or will you crumble under the challenge? Add additional buffs to your team with fearsome dragons, training them to grow their power.

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With your strategy planned, it’s time to take on the Gnomes in a fantasy adventure that will see you defend the city of Norheim. Rebuild the city and rebuff the attacks of the Gnome army in the player versus environment (PvE) campaign.

Want to become a bigger and better strength on the battlefield? Send your scouts to find Ruins from Norheim’s long history, uncovering huge rewards for yourself in the process.

In this new free-to-play mobile title, how you play is up to you. Win, conquer, and defeat your enemies the way that you want!

Are you ready to reign? Install Infinity Kingdom now on iOS and Android devices.

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