DEEMO -Reborn-, the hit rhythm game from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)’s publishing label UNTIES and developer Rayark Games, have received a DLC containing five songs from the popular Japanese artist EGOIST.

Available for free until the 19th of April before rising in price to $6.99, the new song pack features EGOIST’s All Alone With You, Planetes, Ghost of a Smile, Kimi Sora Kiseki and Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta, all of which can be played in both VR and controller modes. Fans of all skill levels can challenge themselves to master multiple difficulty levels of these hits fitting to DEEMO -Reborn-‘s melancholic setting.

The 13th in a series of DLCs, the EGOIST Special Selection brings the total number of downloadable songs to 65. The J-pop duo joins a renowned roster of collaborators including Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu’s Earthbound Papas, metal band Jigoku Quartet’s guitarist Shinichi Kobayashi, and electronic and contemporary classical group Mili. Each of the first 12 five-song packs contains two VR mode and three controller mode tracks.

Explore titular character Deemo’s breathtaking castle and master a piano whose beautiful melodies have the power to grow a tree to unbelievable heights. With gameplay alternating between musical performances as Deemo and exploration as his unexpected visitor, DEEMO -Reborn- presents its beloved and touching tale as an unforgettable and immersive PlayStation VR experience.

“EGOIST’s songs are a perfect fit for the atmosphere and gameplay of DEEMO for both VR and regular TV screens, said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES. Collaborating with EGOIST on a DLC was very special for all of us and their songs make a great addition to the ever-expanding pool of music in DEEMO -Reborn-

The EGOIST Special Selection DLC will be free until April 19th and cost $6.99 after that. The first 12 song packs are available for $4.99 each or as a season pass for $29.99. The season pass does not include the EGOIST Special Selection DLC. An animated DEEMO film is also on the way and expected to wrap up production in 2020.

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