Fans of the survival sim/strategy genre are likely already familiar with The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands. Starting out life as a mobile-only game, it has since come to Steam & the Nintendo Switch. It has won numerous awards since it first dropped back in 2018 – and even sparked a sequel! Generally speaking, I think it’s fair to say this game has a fairly good track record already.

For gamers on Xbox, some time in Q4 of this year (2021) will give them the chance to join in on the fun. On top of the existing gameplay features from other platforms, this release will see the addition of achievements and leaderboards. Ahh, I can hear that “ba-DOOP” achievement sound already.

What is The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands anyway?

I’m so glad you asked, dear reader.

Bonfire is, at its heart, a settlement-builder. It’s in 2D – if you’ve played Kingdom: New Lands, it has a similar sort of vibe. Starting from a humble bonfire (see what they did there?), you expand your town, recruit new settlers, and keep them safe from things that go bump in the night. The aesthetics are super clean. The gameplay, while simple to learn, has a lot of nuance to it; definitely worth playing more than once to experiment. It’s not life-changing, by any means, but it’s a great way to relax and switch off for a few hours.

So, come Q4 of 2021, that’s exactly what Xbox owners will be able to do!

A description from the developers themselves here;

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands encourages players to take caution but also explore a diverse fantasy world in order to unlock all of the secrets hidden underneath the snow. Unlock advanced building and crafting options including the ability to trade with new civilizations and more! Will you uncover the secrets of the land or die trying? Each choice and each strategy employed could mean safety or destruction in this survival simulation roleplaying game!

Pretty much spot-on, I’d say!

If you’re not an Xbox owner, or just don’t want to wait, you can pick up The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands from Steam, Google Play or the App Store. Also coming soon to Switch!

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