Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth Games have announced their 2021 Brawlhalla Esports program, with a total prize pool of USD $1,000,000 and five international championships planned from February to November 2021. Marking Brawlhalla’s biggest prize pool ever, the 2021 season demonstrates Ubisoft’s commitment to supporting the growing esports scene of its epic fighting game now counting over 50 million players worldwide.

Six international tournaments will be organized across the year. The 2021 season will kickstart with the Winter Championship: with a USD $75,000 total prize pool, this online tournament will happen from the 27th of February until the 14th of March. Brawlhalla supports cross-platform play, allowing players to compete on any platform.

Players will be able to register starting right now. More information is available here.

Later this year, players across the world will be able to participate in:

–          The Spring Championship: happening online in April and May.

–          The Summer Championship: happening online in July.

–          The Autumn Championship happening online in September and October.

–          The World Championship: happening in November.

More information on the format will be shared later this year.


In these tournaments, all players will have a chance to earn winnings from the Brawlhalla esports program prize pool. Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth Games will also organize several invitational events throughout the year, including the Brawlhalla Pro Series, a four-week online competition with a unique new format that will take place in June. More details to come later on.

This will no doubt be a lot of fun to watch, so let us know in the comments below who will be the one you hope will rise the ranks of this latest Esport season of Brawlhalla.

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