UnderMine, the action-adventure roguelike brimming with secrets from developer Thorium Entertainment, brings miner mayhem to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility on Tuesday, 30 March. The game originally dropped via Steam Early Access back in August of 2019. It released in full for PC and Xbox in August of 2020, and for the Switch back in February.

Blending combat and dungeon crawling from traditional roguelikes like “The Binding of Isaac,” with the progression of rogue-lites like “Rogue Legacy,” UnderMine delivers a fresh new entry to the genre.

Descend into the deepest reaches of the UnderMine, a deathtrap full of monsters and gold. Use a throwable pickaxe! Maybe you want bombs! Well, there’s a limited supply, but go ham! There are also relics that grant new powers and/or curses to fend off dangerous creatures, gold-swiping Pilfers. And let’s not forget the massive bosses. Survive as long as possible, and use the fallen miner’s loot to upgrade the next would-be heroes’ stats and improve their chances to discover the secret at the bottom of the caverns!

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