Nascence is a psychological horror due for release towards the end of 2021. Developers Dreampainters Software, in collaboration with Treehouse Studio, is dropping the game’s first demo. This demo showcases the game’s environmental puzzles. This will allow you to explore the opening section of Reluné, the rural Italian village where the story unfolds.

Thomas is a man on a mission. What mission? To find the ashes of Anna, a woman who was executed as a witch during medieval times. This heartless act has left a ripple through time, as Reluné has been linked with multiple cases of personality change. The town is also connected with a pagan cult, born around the figure of “The Lady”. The demo focuses solely on puzzle solving, showcasing some of the game’s early interactions with the environment. Some key mechanics from the final version are missing but will be present at a later stage.

Currently, enemies are not implemented. The demo has some invisible wall preventing freedom of exploration, including blocking the underground. The intro for the demo is also a work in progress.

Nascence is set in the same universe of “Anna”,. This marks the first instalment of Anna’s Songs trilogy. Something interesting to note; Anna ended up being overhauled. It will be intriguing to see how this new game pans out, as well as the trilogy as a whole.

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