Undungeon, the interdimensional time-hopping action RPG by developer Laughing Machines and publisher tinyBuild, expands its universe to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on September 29th, in addition to the previously released PC and Xbox versions.

Players will set sail as the Herald in an attempt to restore the timeline and mend the seven Earths. Customize him with improved human organs like the eyes, brain, and spleen, upgrading his core with powerups and stat abilities.

Conquer enemies with powerful melee and ranged attacks in intense real-time battles. Strategically heal, converse with companions, create throwable weapons, and attack using critical or damage-over-time assaults to become the hero who saves the seven Earths.

With a retro style of graphics and a fascinating game concept, Undungeon looks like a lot of fun. The idea of customizing every part of your Herald to conquer each world is brilliant. Also, the fact that enemies will grow as well to counter you adds a fun challenge for players.

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