Indonesian developer Mojiken and Indie publisher, Chorus Worldwide, the Team behind cult hits Coffee Talk and A Raven Monologue, proudly present When the Past was Around, a whimsical point-and-click puzzle game about love, loss and letting go. The game is available on the Nintendo eShop, as well as on the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store for $8.49 / €8.49 / £7.09. (approximate pricing).

When the Past was Around invites players to gather clues, solve puzzles and unravel secrets buried deep within the protagonist’s mind. Haunting violin music replaces the written word as gamers delve into Eda’s world, retracing memories of her love, from the first moments of happiness in a new relationship, through dates and fun adventures, to heart-wrenching moments of sorrow and the search for a new future.

When the Past was Around won the coveted Best Game Award at this year’s Gamescom Indie Arena Booth. The original music, composed by Masdito “ittou” Bachtiar, also won Best Audio at this year’s Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award.

When the Past was Around Features:

  • Pictures Paint a Thousand Words – Experience Eda’s world through wordless hand-drawn art created by talented Indonesian artist, Brigitta Rena.
  • A Short, Sweet, Whimsical Journey – Explore the bittersweet tale of a girl and her love as players discover secrets in disjointed rooms across different moments in time.
  • Personal and Relatable – A game about feeling lost, coming to terms with sorrow, and moving on.
  • Brain Teasing Puzzles – Solve intriguing puzzles to unlock hidden memories and help Eda on her journey.
  • Award-Winning Music – Atmospheric violin music accompanies players as they experience memories of joyful moments to heart-wrenching sorrow

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