The Lasso of Truth compels me to share with you that Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios have introduced the new Golden Armour Wonder Woman character to Injustice 2 Mobile. This variant character is inspired by the highly anticipated DC and Warner Bros. Pictures film, “Wonder Woman 1984”.

Available now, players can rock the ‘80s with Golden Armour Wonder Woman, the newest Legendary Hero inspired by the DC and Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming film, “Wonder Woman 1984.” Her Divine Protection skill increases Damage over Time resistance, while her Offensive Guard boosts her entire team’s Combo Meter.

This demi-goddess can also take down her most wounded opponents with Whip Lash by lassoing them back into combat and striking with a devastating blow. Finally, her Amazon Arsenal Super move can smite opponents with powerful bracers and sword attacks that also increase Damage by 35 per cent for the duration of the battle.

Additional updates to Injustice 2 Mobile include:

NEW – Wonder Woman’s Divine Holiday Calendar (15th Dec)
Wonder Woman will bring 15 days of holiday celebrations featuring an assortment of free festive surprises including Power Gems, Sim Chips, Account Energy and Credits. New holiday store items will be released as well, and players can check back daily for new deals.

NEW – Rise of Krypton: Solo Raid Event (18th Dec)
Beginning 18th Dec, players at level 20+ can enter this limited-time event to vanquish Boss Collector of Worlds Superman with all-new powerful Artifacts that contain his greatest weakness, Kryptonite. Defeating bosses will reward Artifact Prize Chests, new Rise of Krypton Profile Portraits, full Hero unlocks and more. Beating the event will reward the Kryptonite Spear. New to this Solo Raid Event, Artifacts bonuses will now be applied to all members of a team, not just the Hero who has it equipped.

NEW – Reforge Tokens (Coming Soon)
Coming soon, the new Epic Artifact Reforge will grant a higher chance of rolling Epic Chance Effects, while the new Rare Gear Reforge will grant a higher chance of Rare Chance Effects.

Having seen Wonder Woman 1984 (check out my review here) and also being a fan of Injustice 2, this is pretty awesome. Now am I annoyed that this is for Injustice 2 Mobile instead of Injustice 2? Yes, yes I am, but the mobile fighter has its fans, so I am happy for them.

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