Solasta is the first game of developer Tactical Adventures and heavily based on classic DnD mechanics. Mathieu Girard and his team were kind enough to sit down with me and show me an early version.

On the trails of Gygax

In essence, Solasta is a computer game version of a classic pen & paper game. This is down to Mathieu being a game himself for 30 years and he still has a weekly DnD session with his friends. His motivation is to combine both video and pen&paper games even more than has been before. His team also has similar backgrounds. This way Solasta is truly a passion project.

Dice Roll

Anyone who has ever played DnD will be able to fully grasp the underlying mechanics. Newcomers don’t need to worry. Mathieu pointed out that the game will offer a good learning curve. This way Tactical Adventures want to pull in seasoned RPG players and those who want to become one into the world of Solasta.

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Solasta is a tactical RPG and controls similar to games like X-Com. The player creates a party of 4 at the beginning of the game. Then they will be able to choose from races, classes, traits, and backgrounds to customise their party. This will affect your dialogue options with NPCs and within your own party, for example. So choose wisely. Many pen&paper mechanics will be implemented.

For example, light and darkness and difference in elevation will hugely impact enemy encounters. In this demo, the direction of attack did not yet matter, but Mathieu said they are looking into adding this. What I found really interesting is that the game will have loads of verticality and options to explore.

Coins of gold

Solasta is a huge undertaking for this new and relatively small studio. This is why they need to explore every avenue to be able to build this ambitious project. Tactical Adventures Kickstarter Campaign goal is €180.000 and currently stands at €77.000.

Currently, Solasta is planned to release on PC, but I personally feel it would do great on the Nintendo Switch. Every gold coin counts, so if you are as much interested in Solasta as I am, then why not invest in the future of this game and company.

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