The Last Night, If I could only have you for one night

Announced at Microsoft’s conference back in 2017 The Last Night was a game I immediately fell in love with. Cyberpunk is a genre which is currently blowing up amongst indie developers. Even some of the bigger ones such as CD Projekt Red working on Cyberpunk 2077. What stands out from The Last Night is that the developers behind it, Odd Tales have stated that they actually want to take a more optimistic view on the cyberpunk genre.

The Cyberpunk Game We Need, The Game We Deserve

On the wait for the bigger titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 to arrive we need something to quench our thirst for bright neon colours, constant rain and a gritty world. The Last Night boasts a 2.5D open world side-scroller environment, which at the mere mention makes my mouth water and my palms sweaty. Just look at the slideshow above and tell me it doesn’t look like a world you want to delve into. Stunning visuals that captivate the eye immediately.

When Can You Have An Epileptic Fit?

If you’re looking to get started on playing this epilepsy inducing game of bright flashing colours anytime soon let me be the harbinger of bad news. Director Tim Soret on Twitter announced last month that they have run into “massive business, legal & funding issues”. Unfortunately, this could mean any number of things in the video game industry. The upside you ask? Well, it seems that Odd Tales is still currently raising funds which means The Last Night isn’t dead. If you check out the Odd Tales website you will find a section which asks us to show our interest by adding the game to our steam wishlist. As a new studio, this will help them gauge overall interest and possibly sales going forward for the game.

Why Must The Good Die So Young?

The Last Night looks a fairly ambitious project with interesting gameplay, incredible visuals, and art style, branching dialogue and an open world. This project deserves to live, being wishlisted 186,000 times on steam definitely shows that fact. Currently there is no other way to support the game through crowdfunding but if anything comes up we’ll be sure to let you know.

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