A Review in Progress: Deliver Us The Moon
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Deliver Us The Moon might sound like a familiar title to you. And that’s probably because it was initially released in 2018 for a period of approximately 3 months. Since then developer KeokeN has pulled the game off Steam and given it a good polishing to make it worthy of release. I would like to add I really appreciate the balls to do so. It takes a strong will to realise the wrong turns and go back to fix them. So I’d like to applaud KeokeN for this move. Now that Deliver Us The Moon is back in orbit on Steam let me give you the low down.

Deliver Us The Moon is a sci-fi thriller set in a world that’s run dry of resources. You are earth’s last astronaut sent to the moon to discover why the energy harnessing colony on the moon has ceased all communications for several years. You explore the emptiness of space on the moon and the dark cold interiors of the abandoned moon base facilities. Mankind’s last hope lies in your hands.

It’s not rocket science, it’s settings

Deliver Us The Moon has a good variety of features to make the game more immersive. Covering topical issues like climate change and the ever relevant issue of depleting resources. We get a great world setting and good game lore to play through. Launching yourself from earth to reach the WSA space station and then progressing onto the moon you get to experience the vast, cold and empty space. Using tools and solving puzzles to survive the hazardous envrionments set before you start to unravel the mystery and hidden agendas of the past.

One thing I’d like to stop and take time to bring out was the brilliant immersion I experienced throughout my gameplay. The ability to switch from first to third-person view allows you to play as you like. I spent most of my gameplay in first-person view as I felt that’s where you got to see the story to unravel from the best point of view. The other thing that Deliver Us The Moon should receive a standing ovation for is their soundtrack. So beautiful and perfectly fitting into each scene of the game. It helped me to feel lonely when floating through lonely space and edgy when traversing through the dark and ghostly moon base.

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Not over the moon just yet

In Deliver Us The Moon, you collect plenty of notes, audio clips, and hologram tapes. The tapes seemed to just not fit in with the environment. With all the advances in technology, orange silhouettes were the best we had to offer? Similar to holograms in Tacoma. This could just come down to preference but I felt like they could have done better. As I progressed through the game to the end I seemed to encounter some choppy performance that had a negative impact on the game. Along the way, I was sent quick time events that just didn’t seem to fit the game in a fluid way. Almost as if someone said we need these quick-time events in here, find a way to put them in somewhere. Again this could come down to preference. But I feel it’s worth mentioning.

The sum up

Deliver Us The Moon offers a great story-driven experience, with great thriller moments. Plenty of lore to find but not majorly impacting the story is you miss a couple here and there. While falling short in with performance issues and in the conclusion of the story Deliver Us The Moon is a great way to experience epic moments that feel you leaving satisfied.

Also on a side note, you can listen to the awesome soundtrack on Spotify and their website. Being quite a short game, I spent just under 4 hours to complete the story. There is space to expand on the game further.

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