Evil Dead: The Game - Good, Bad and I'm The Guy With A Review
It's time to get the boomstick and take out the deadites because this is a lot of fun.
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In the ’90s, my friends and I were obsessed with The Evil Dead franchise. The movies
were a staple on every sleepover and get-together. After playing Evil Dead: The Game, it has
revitalized my love for the films and TV show, Ash vs The Evil Dead. Let’s see how the game holds up.

Hail to the King, Baby

In a similar manner to games of this type, Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, you are one of four survivors. These consist of classic Evil Dead characters such as Ash, Cheryl, Kelly, and Pablo from Ash vs. Evil Dead just to name a few. You will go up against one player who commands the various types of Demons with one of these. I would suggest doing the tutorial. This is sensibly mandatory and helps before going online.

Your team must complete a five-part ritual to win the day. This involves collecting three pieces of a map randomly scattered around the map. When this is done you will be able to see where to find the Necronomicon and Kandarian Dagger. Then by using both of these you can banish the Dark Ones. Once that’s done you protect the Necronomicon from an impending demonic assault.

While doing all this you will be fighting Deadites with weapons you find throughout the map. Also, each character has unique abilities. In an ingenious way to get players to stick together, each has a fear meter that rises when they’re alone or in the dark. This can be lowered by staying together, turning on your flashlight (until the battery runs out), or lighting a fire.

When playing with friends you can expect to win a fair bit but it’s a different story with randoms. I found myself left behind an awful lot as most will just want to get the objectives done. This made my character’s Fear bar go mental and poor old Ash was possessed and downed a lot.

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If anyone can, a Kandarian can

As with other games like this you can also play as the bad guy, in this case, demons. Playing as the Demon, you have a number of ways to get at the survivors. You set scare traps that make their fear meters go mad, letting you possess them. You can set Deadites on them or even possess them and attack yourself. Most importantly you can raise your demon level high enough to unleash powerful bosses to stop them from completing their tasks.

There is also a single-player mode, with five mission’s inspired-by-the-movies. They are nothing to write home about, just smaller versions of the multiplayer but I suggest you do them for the rewards. I feel they missed a trick by not having a better solo campaign though.

Each multiplayer game won’t last longer than 20 – 30 minutes, depending on how good your team is. There is a good balance in the gameplay character-wise as you can upgrade them by levelling up and just playing the game.

Gimme some sugar baby

Evil Dead: The Game looks brilliant. They got the aesthetics and atmosphere perfect. I loved controlling the Demon as you got to zoom around like one of the cameramen from the films. They also have Bruce back doing various Ash voiceovers which is always welcome.

The only real problem I found was the repetitiveness of it overall. With just one map and the same objectives it just made it less of an experience and more of a grind. Also to stand any chance of winning with the Demon you really need to level them up. Zooming around is fun and all but with the map being so big you really find yourself just focusing on certain areas.

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