At this point, everyone knows I’m not one for multiplayer games. But for the last almost five years, there’s been one exception for me. Dead by Daylight. I tried it for the first time around Halloween 2017, on a free weekend on Xbox. And the rest is history. Although I’m sporadic with playing, I’ve amassed hundreds of hours across PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Before I get into talking about the Roots of Dread DLC, I want to say a huge congratulations to Behaviour on the SIXTH anniversary of the game. You guys are absolutely killing it. Can’t wait to see what the future will bring

Roots of Dread

Roots of Dread is the 24th chapter to be released for Dead by Daylight, and brings with it a new survivor and a new killer. A new map has also released, which is free for all players. Our survivor is Haddie Kaur, and our killer is The Dredge. As always, both come with three perks each.

The Dredge perks are:

Darkness Revealed: Upon opening a locker, reveal the aura of all Survivors in the vicinity of any locker.

Dissolution: After injuring a Survivor, Dissolution activates for a duration. During that time, if a Survivor performs a fast vault on a pallet in your Terror Radius, that pallet is destroyed at the end of the vault action.

Septic Touch: Whenever a Survivor heals within your Terror Radius, they are inflicted with Blindness and Exhaustion. Those status effects briefly remain after the healing action is interrupted.

Haddie’s perks are:

Inner Focus: Reveal the scratch marks of all nearby teammates. Should a teammate lose a health state while in your vicinity, the Killer’s aura is briefly revealed.

Residual Manifest: After successfully blinding the Killer, the Killer will gain the Blindness status effect, briefly losing the ability to see auras. Also, gain the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per trial for a guaranteed basic flashlight.

Overzealous: After cleansing any totem, your generator repair speed is slightly increased. The increase ends whenever you lose a health state.

The new map is called Garden of Joy, however, I have horrendous spawn luck. Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed to spawn on the map or find an offering in my blood web for it. That being said, I have been checking out a lot of content online, and I do think the map looks beautiful.

Dredge Queen?!

I will hold my hands up and admit I am not a killer player. Since day one, I’ve been a survivor main. However, I loved the look of The Dredge, so naturally, I had to give it a try. No surprises, I sucked. But I had so much fun. The Dredge has this really cool ability to teleport into lockers and burst out. I genuinely laughed so hard the first time I teleported, because it was a complete accident. Of course, this also comes with some cool special abilities.

Whenever the Dredge teleports, places a Survivor on a Hook, or injures a Survivor, the Nightfall meter builds. The meter also fills when Survivors are injured, as well as when The Dredge remains in a Locker.
When the meter is full, the entire map darkens. Simple navigation becomes a matter of life and death as Survivors scramble to stay one step ahead. Meanwhile, The Dredge loses its Terror Radius, gaining the element of surprise, as well as a reduced cooldown on Locker teleportation.

The Dredge can activate The Gloaming, leaving a Remnant behind. While The Gloaming is activated, The Dredge can teleport to any lockers across the map, allowing for heightened mobility and surprise attacks. Be warned – Survivors can barricade lockers to impede your progress. Otherwise, The Dredge can return to its Remnant.

Queen Kaur

I love Haddie Kaur. She’s just so cool. Fuelled by courage, determination, and a dash of morbid curiosity, this explorer of haunted corners leaves no stone unturned in her quest for eldritch understanding. There’s also an epic cosmetic set/outfit for her where she’s carrying this lobster cage with glowing tentacles. I am obsessed with it.

Inner Focus has been my favourite of her perks, especially during the levelling process. In every single character build I run, I use spine chill. Inner Focus has been a pretty decent substitute for that. At least for me, it has. Although being able to see my own scratch marks has made me painfully aware of running.

Roots of good DLC?

Admittedly, I am very picky about buying DLC. What can I say, I’m awkward. However, I really love what Roots of Dread has brought to the table for Dead by Daylight as a whole. The characters are genuinely fun to play with, and their perks are super solid. Honestly, the only issue I have is the unlucky spawn rates I’ve encountered. Garden of Joy isn’t the only map I haven’t landed on though, and there are still killers in the game I have yet to face.

For people wanting to spice up their builds, this DLC is definitely worth getting. Haddie also runs really well as a survivor. Killer-wise, out of all that I’ve tried, The Dredge has definitely been my favourite to play as. Movement is superfluid, as is attacking.

Overall, the team has done a fantastic job at keeping Dead by Daylight fresh and interesting. Highly recommend.

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