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Bombslinger is a fun spaghetti western Bomberman style game.You start with the cutscene of McMean the character you play as, a former gang member who marries and opens a ranch. Years later his former gang affiliates come to torch his ranch and kill his beloved wife.

Bombslinger see’s McMean on his quest for revenge on his former affiliates. It’s set as a maze style game where you play through each field. Kill each farmer (or goat) you encounter along the way as you gather chest’s and open the next section of the maze. At the end of each section, you come face to face with a former gang affiliate who you must defeat in order to progress to the next phase. Each maze gets harder as you go along but there’s plenty of pick up’s and boost’s along the way to help such as extra bomb drops and guns. If you die along the way your sent back to the start with a new maze layout and stripped of any boost’s and XP reward’s you’ve got which makes the game all the more unforgiving (and fun)

The multiplayer aspect of the game is fun, the two-game modes are deathmatch and last man standing. In deathmatch, the player count is 2-4 with the option of up to 3 CPU’s. The score to win is determined by the frag count set pre-game, they go from 1-20. There is also a time limit option which can be set from 30 seconds up to 10 mins, there is also an option for no time limit. A Frag is earned when a player hits any opponent with a bomb blast. The first player to earn the set amount of frags wins the game.

Bombslinger GamEir ReviewIn last man standing, like deathmatch, the player count is 2-4, along with the option of 3 CPU’s. The score to win however is a little different. Instead of earning Frags, each player has health points which are set pre-game. With a min of 1 and max of 5. Each time a player is hit, they lose one health point. when they lose all of their health points, they are out of the round. There is no time limit per round The amount of rounds in a game of last man standing is set pre-game, ranging from 1 to 20. The first player to win the amount of rounds set in the pre-game menu will be the overall victor.

What really works for Bombslinger is its pick up and go accessibility, you can easily pick this up have a few matches and then head out with your fellow cowboys and cowgirls. It’s also an easy game to play nothing too complex to contend with adding to the replayability of it all. The only negative is the Gameboy style graphics which are something of a marmite situation, you’ll either love them or hate them.

I really enjoyed Bombslinger both as a lone player and in its versus mode. The graphics are simplistic in style but it’s still a great game. For those who want to pick up this enjoyable title check it out on Steam. And if you enjoyed this review and want to check out more be sure and follow GamEir for more news and reviews.


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