Award-winning RPG publisher Free League is coming to Gen Con in full force, inviting press and content creators to a Free League Showcase for exciting news reveals and a Q&A with the game creators. Also, Free League is teaming up with The Glass Cannon for an all-star live-play of the brand new fantasy RPG Dragonbane which will be available at Gen Con ahead of the August 15th official release, as well as offering quick demos of the game.

A full Free League Showcase

The Free League showcase takes place on Thursday, August 3rd at 11 am in room ICC #244. Sign up here to participate! The panellists include:

  • Tomas Härenstam, co-founder of Free League and lead game designer of the Dragonbane, Blade Runner RPG, ALIEN RPG, Twilight: 2000, Forbidden Lands and Mutant: Year Zero.
  • Luke Stratton, designer of the upcoming MÖRK BORG spin-off game PIRATE BORG
  • Johan Nohr and Christian Sahlén, designers of MÖRK BORG and CY_BORG
  • Carl Niblaeus, designer of Death in Space
  • Kiku Pukk Härenstam, co-writer of Vaesen: Seasons of Mystery and Vaesen: A Wicked Secret

Game Demos

There are drop-in seats available in room ICC #138 where Free League, in partnership with Lurking Fears, will have over 90 games running over the weekend, including a 30-minute sneak-peak demo for the upcoming fantasy RPG Dragonbane

Glass Cannon Dragonbane Liveplay

Break out the salted liquorice and make peace with the existence of umlauts because The Glass Cannon is kicking off Day 2 of Gen Con 2023 with a 2-hour liveplay of Dragonbane. They are doing character creation for the revival of the classic Scandinavian TTRPG on Glass Cannon Labs this week, and then next Friday August 4th at 10AM ET, Joe O’Brien will be running this same all-star crew through an adventure LIVE in The Glass Cannon’s Gen Con booth (#174).

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