I was part of a panel that got to meet some of the special guests of Dublin Comic Con Anime Edition. It was an interesting evening where the guests sat down with several members of the press and discussed their careers, their lives, and their fans. It was hosted by Brian Lloyd from entertainment.ie and we were treated to some lovely beverages and nibbles beforehand to lovingly bribe us to make sure nothing bad is said about Dublin Comic Con Anime Edition.

As the night began we got a lovely look around the floor and a fancy look at the artist’s alley which is littered with a lot of beautiful art pieces. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the alley this year. It’s always great but this year seemed to be something special.

I also got to try out the Ready Player One VR which unfortunately didn’t work but I did try out one of the videogames from the Vive HTC and it was a lot of fun. I was terrible at it but it was a lot of fun.

When the panel started in earnest it was great to hear the stories from the guests and it was very funny to watch Brian discuss what anime is when he himself has limited access to anime. It made for a fun back and forth. You can find the panel below but I will point out that unfortunately, my ZOOM hit max capacity of space so sadly the podcast will stop at the 30-minute mark. You’ll still get a lot of content but not all of it, unfortunately. I do remember my question so I’ll give you a brief explanation of what they shared.

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My question was what was the most memorable experience with a fan? The responses ranged from the ridiculous to the heartwarming.

Eric Stuart started us off with a connection he had with a fan when that fan was a child. He explained that he always tries to answer fan letters so one such fan came up to him a con and explained that when she was a child he answered her letter for a school project. This was so heartwarming and brought me close to tears.

Kira Buckland discussed how she has gotten to meet so many enthusiastic fans through Nier: Automata because of the emotional impact the game has had. She went no further but she seemed impressed by the incredible fans she has.

Seth Gilliam possibly had the most impressive encounter where a guest asked him to marry them. They would fly him out to their home, put him up in their household, as well as his family so he could marry them. He said he didn’t take it in the end as it didn’t feel appropriate to the character of Father Gabriel and that floored me, incredible.

DC Douglas’ answer will always stay with me though, he said an orgy lol, which of course was a joke.

Check out the episode of Speakin’ Geek below and enjoy and let us know your stories from Dublin Comic Con Anime Edition.

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