Little Nightmares 2 is slowly approaching, and we have been given the best Christmas gift. Well, I have at least. Guys, there is a free demo on Steam RIGHT NOW! The world has officially gotten its first proper taste of the upcoming 2.5D horror sequel. So, I bet you guys all know what I did last night. Oh yes, my friends, I dived head first into the demo. Now, I’m not going to get too heavy into this. You guys are just going to get my initial reaction. I’m mean, I know.

The second the music started, my heart tried to escape my chest. The score reminds me so much of the first game. Fun fact! Little Nightmares was the first physical collector’s edition of a game that I ever got. I also used to regularly listen to the soundtrack. It is so haunting and fits with the atmosphere so well. Little Nightmares 2 carries that through.

This new setting is something else. Even after I finished the demo, it haunted me. While playing, I felt so legitimately unsettled. Was something going to pop out at me?! Was I about to die?! Guys I need this game. I need this game so bad. February 10th cannot come fast enough, and I am so going to preorder the collector’s edition again. Give me ALL THE SPOOKS!

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