Early access release strikes again! This time, I’m going to be talking about Stuffed, from Waving Bear Studio. The premise behind one is pretty simple. You play as a teddy bear, fighting enemies in the dreams of a little girl. Naturally, I was super sold on this idea. Mostly the teddy bear part. What can I say? I’m a simple woman.

What is Stuffed?

At its core, Stuffed is a first person shooter on procedurally generated maps. Protect the bedroom door while waves of enemies come through a wardrobe portal. That’s the best way I can think to describe it. You can open doors to unlock more  areas, and fast travel through portals between them. Along the way, you pick up new weapons and can level up your stats.

The game can also be played solo, or through multiplayer, both local and online.

Stuffed ideas?

Unfortunately, I found Stuffed to be lacking in almost every department. Although the premise has potential, at this point in time it completely lacks substance. Well, for me at least. It’s just waves of enemies. There’s nothing else to it. I will admit, I didn’t have high expectations. Aside from the bear being cute. Which it is. But other than that, I didn’t enjoy myself.

However, I do have a good idea of who this game would suit. This is very much the kind of game suited to a younger audience. Although technically an FPS, it’s totally harmless. Honestly, I feel this would be perfect for young people wanting to move into the FPS genre. There’s no blood or any real violence, and no means for any kind of graphic content. I never thought I would call an FPS child-friendly, but Stuffed very much is

Another selling point for parents in particular is the lack of micro-transactions in the game. You can buy new skins, but with in-game currency collected through playing.

To sum things up, Stuffed is a rather child-friendly shooter, but doesn’t offer a whole lot for an older audience. There is also potential for growth as the game progresses through early access, to an eventual full release.

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