Demos seem to be everywhere right now, but I had to massively hunt to find this one. Buckle up friends, we’re talking about the demo for The Shore. This demo is NOT available on Steam. It took a lot of googling just to find somewhere that linked to it. That was red flag number one for me. The next was the lack of options in the settings. But let’s put a pause on that.

What is The Shore?

The Shore is another entry to the horror-mystery genre, twisted with survival horror. It’s also based on the works of the infamous H.P. Lovecraft, and features some of his best known creations. Play as Andrew, a man in search of his missing daughter on a forbidden island (The Wicker Man, anyone?).The story is set to be experienced through immersive, and atmospheric gameplay, combined with puzzles.

If you look at the trailers for this game, it looks incredible. If you play this demo, you will be left very sorely disappointed. I really don’t want to be totally negative here, but I am struggling to find good in this demo. The options menu really bugged me. Fun fact, I have to wear glasses when using screens, especially when gaming. I also need to adjust the brightness in 99% of games to make things easier on my eyes. This option was COMPLETELY missing from The Shore demo. The death screen is also just a bright red flash screen. It is genuinely painful, and actually hurt my eyes. There were also areas where it was totally impossible for me to see what was on the screen. The controls were also awful. Truly, truly awful.

Story wise, for what’s in the demo, I have absolutely no idea what I was doing. Nothing really made sense, and I only knew about the missing daughter from the intro of the game and the description.

Don’t get me wrong, just because the demo wasn’t great doesn’t mean the game overall won’t be. I am still curious, just not the same way I was when I saw the trailer. The demo just lacked in every aspect that would excite me. It just did not work.

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