Myself and a couple of the lads got together (virtually) to try out the new co-op mode that’s coming to Watch Dogs: Legion in March. It was definitely an experience, to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, many laughs were had. There was definitely a lesson to be learned here. Do not leave GamEir in a game together. Ever. Now it’s time to get into everyone’s thoughts and feelings! Side note: this was a demo


The main premise of playing as anyone is very interesting. But for online progression, it feels a bit unsatisfying and impersonal. With so many clothing options, it would be nice to potentially create a character specifically for multiplayer. Stealth exclusive missions with four players are a logistical nightmare, even with full voice chat. They felt clumsy. This would frequently lead to gunfights vs drones, which removes the most unique aspects of the hacking world, becoming standard cover-based shooter gameplay. It is very fun playing around on the streets of London with friends, playing with game systems to revel in havoc. Despite some technical issues the city generally runs well.

Missions ending in a vehicle getaway were the highlight. Planning who drives and who shoots is brilliantly enjoyable between squad-mates. 


The Good:

– The experience is pretty fluid in terms of sharing the open world.  The missions feel fresh and distinct from the single-player experience. Driving around with other players is a fun experience, drive-by shooting is nice. (Please note, neither GamEir nor its writers endorse actual drive-by shootings. It seems we need to teach Darragh about phrasing).

The Bad:

There were many, many bugs, some that prevented us from finishing missions (objectives clipped through walls etc). We also had no way to restart missions manually once they started, other than dying or quitting (frustrating if you’re going for stealth or if there’s one of the aforementioned bugs). It’s possible to recruit an enemy mid-mission, assuming you have the influence, making infiltration trivial / non-challenging. Enemies are bullet sponges, but otherwise largely seemingly unchanged from the single-player experience – combat feels more frustrating than challenging. The lack of PVP in the open world is a missed opportunity. This does prevent it from devolving into the likes of a GTA Online-style murder fest, but it would be nice if you could toggle it.


Enemies were overly strong for the beginning missions, I found myself failing the tutorial mission over and over due to lack of direction. The variety of recruits was fun, but the lack of upgrades for these individual agents weapons, tools, and playstyle would make me not want to play. There was no ping system to get teammates attention to a large threat or point out a landmark. Having some missions split the team up to separate objectives is unique but the distance is far too large if one team fails you can’t assist them and the punishment is a full restart.


There was lag loading into Watch Dogs: Legion, loading screens were a bit long, leaving people waiting on each other before we could actually start a mission. The respawn out of missions was hugely all over the place. We could have all started a mission from one area, for example, we were all in Camden and decided to do a mission. However, when we finished the mission, no one was together. We were scattered across London. It was also lacking the option to stay as a team. For each mission, everyone had to be invited again.
The game crashed on four separate occasions for me, mid-mission every time. I had the worst luck with that. On the plus side, it didn’t prevent the others from completing missions, and I was able to rejoin. The crashes still sucked though.
The majority of the fun really came from the four of us coming together to play. Watch Dogs: Legion was the first time the four of us actually got to sit down together due to never having the time before. We’re all definitely silly in our own ways, and bringing that together even made the bugs genuinely funny. There’s definitely some really interesting concepts there, but the experience itself could be a bit tighter.
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