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In a recent interview with IGN, Henry Cavill dropped two super-nuggets of information. 1) He would be interested in playing Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. 2) He has read the books on which the game and upcoming show are based, and he thinks they’re “really, really good”. This is exciting news for Witcher fans, Cavill fans, and soon-to-be Witcher/Cavill fans, for two reasons. 1) There is not so much as a rumour of who could be taking the lead role in the Netflix Witcher show, which means it’s pretty much up for grabs. 2) Henry Cavill is cool A.F. He rocks a beard, he’s jacked, and he does action and drama better than any other names yet thrown around for Geralt! That’s me sold!

The story so far…

We’ve been following, and reporting on the Witcher Netflix TV show for quite some time here at GamEir. If you’re new to the build-up, check out our previous reportings below:

As I’m sure you can appreciate, we are hyped for this show. What started as a novel idea, is now transforming into a TV juggernaut. With a star like Cavill now interested, and please make it happen, the interest in The Witcher show will only gain yet more traction. Cavill, best known as the most recent iteration of Superman, is also now known as a genuine action star. This, of course, thanks to his excellent turn opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. There is not a sane person alive that couldn’t imagine Cavill being a great fit for Geralt. To add fuel to the fire, or icing to the cake, some genius known as BossLogic released the following image:

The Witcher

Props to BossLogic for once again going above and beyond with this incredible design. Check his work out @Bosslogic on Twitter

The alternate outcome

For argument’s sake, the name most fans are throwing out is Mads Mikkelson. Don’t get me wrong, Mikkelson is a fine actor, and he’s got the Geralt intensity down. But does he have the physical presence needed for what will undoubtedly be an action focussed role? At the very least, if either of these two men bags the role, the fans will win. Either man will bring a different skill set to the role, and either could be excellent as Geralt of Rivia. The question is, who you would prefer? Answers in the comments, please…


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