Erupting Avocado are back at it again with The Hungry Fly! Well, a demo for it anyways. Erupting Avocado stunned me last year with their first game, The Repairing Mantis. The Hungry Fly evokes the same graphical style and unsettling atmosphere. This time around, we play as a fly who is looking for food. However, the fly doesn’t just like any food. The fly specifically wants things that are dead.

In the demo, we traverse a small section of the game. Within this section, we meet two caterpillars. Both are injured, with intestines spilling out. Admittedly, I got excited over this. I love the style and horror that Erupting Avocado bring to the genre, especially in this kind of imagery. In the demo, you just get to talk to them a little bit, but something tells me they’ll have more relevance in the full game.

We also encounter a talking plant, one that looks very like a Venus Fly Trap. The plant feeds the fly, but with memories, but the more the fly eats, the more decrepit the interior becomes. It seems like a catastrophe waiting to happen, in the best possible way. Sadly, this is where the demo ends. However, I for one cannot wait for the full release of this game. My friends, this is a demo done right. Enough content to get you interested in the game, with a well balanced length to keep you on the edge of your seat for the full release. Bring it on.

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