I talk a lot about what has come before in horror. For once, I’m actually going to talk about the upcoming! Shocker, I know. Those Who Remain is an upcoming title from independent, self-funded studio Camel 101.

However, Those Who Remain is not the first horror outing for these devs. Back in 2016, they released Syndrome, a sci-fi survival horror experience set in a spaceship adrift. Camel 101 is taking the adventure back down to earth for Those Who Remain. Set in the town of Dormont, lights are going out and shadows are appearing.  

I had the absolute joy of playing the demo for this game, and it has ignited my excitement. You play as Edward, who after a few drinks decides it’s time to end his secret affair. Our story begins at the Golden Oak Motel, where Edward is about to embark on a night that will completely change his life. The demo itself is short, but leaves me wanting more!  

Those Who Remain looks like it will hugely play on nyctophobia (fear of the dark), with danger hiding in every shadow. Set in the first person, this offers a much more in-depth, intense experience. This game is pure psychological horror (my bread and butter), giving players a split fabric of reality. This made even more uncomfortable by the darkness and the deeds of those who came before.  

Those Who Remain is set to release in full across all platforms, and after the glimpse I’ve had at it, I cannot wait. Psychological horror is such an expressive sub-genre and has a tendency to leave a lasting impression. I’m looking forward to seeing what this game delivers on full release, and the lasting impression it will give horror junkies like myself.  

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