Let’s be Scavengers

Josh Holmes, former lead at 343 studios has released plans for his team’s next project. With a new indie studio Midwinter Entertainment made up of former Halo developers at 343 Studio, their new IP Scavengers is promising to deliver the future of online gameplay.

The Game

Details of the game remain slim but Holmes has said the game will be a team-based online shooter with the “Player versus Environment versus Player” formula in a similar style to Halo 5’s Warzone. Having previously said the scope of Warzones premise was limited by Xbox hardware, Holmes seems sure Scavengers will be different. Describing the game as a multiplayer survival shooter where multiple groups of players will have to compete against each other and powerful AI controlled enemies for scarce resources. Matches are to be session based with each session following an arc throughout.

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Midwinters own website delivers this tasty quote:

Scavengers is a multiplayer “co-opetition” – a team battle for survival set in a beautiful, frozen wilderness.

With limited resources, your team works together to complete objectives and scour a hostile world for improved gear, weapons and tools in a limited amount of time.”

The Developer

This is the first project for Midwinter Entertainment since being founded in December 2016. The studio has teamed with UK based company Improbable Technology whose new cloud computing system SpatialOS is paramount to Scavengers scale. SpatialOS itself promises to:

“Connect servers in the cloud so that your online game sees them as one massively powerful server, providing access to nearly unlimited player connections and compute.”

For a brief interview with the developers of Scavengers on their vision of the game going forward check out the video below, or for anything else gaming check out GamEir.

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