Get-A-Grip Chip, the 2D platformer with plenty of charm swings onto the Switch on March 25th. Developed and published by Redstart Interactive. Master the hook and swing through the increasingly intense floors of Roboco Manufacturing. Along with the launch, we’ll see an update for the PC version too. This simultaneous update will allow players to earn cosmetic rewards across the two versions. 

Don’t Forget to Gear Up

Get-A-Grip Chip tasks you with rescuing the battery bots. Experience this journey while working your way through treacherous robot assembly lines. Using your trusty grapple as your main source of transport. Be clever with the use of your grapple and avoid molten metal, saws, acid and lasers. Only then will you be able to help Scan-It Janet and Bring her back to her senses

Play across 30 handcrafted levels to rescue 200 battery bots. With five distinct worlds, Get-A-Grip Chip shows off all its artistic charm. And sure, you can complete the game by only saving 120 bots, but can you save them all?

Complete the various challenges and unlock eight new cosmetic skins for Chip. Fancy making a name for yourself? Get-A-Grip Chip has leaderboards for each level to show off how much you’ve mastered the grappling hook.

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