Belgian publisher Cronos Interactive and developer Not A Company have released a new gameplay trailer for their multiplayer drone combat game, Hoverloop. Planned to launch later this year, Hoverloop will introduce the world to a new spectator sport dominated by the pilots of nimble remote-operated drone fighters. The game is currently available on Steam Early Access and will release for both Steam and Xbox One in the fall.

The trailer takes a peek at the variety of decorations, guns, and powers available to the player to trick out their personalised vehicle. In addition to the weapons scattered around the map, players can equip a signature ability like the laser wheel or the ability to breath fire that is featured prominently. Additionally, a multitude of hats, hover particles and emotes let the player strut their stuff in the match and the winner’s circle.

Hoverloop is a multiplayer arena shooter that features customisable hover drones in high-speed combat. Players take their mechanised gladiators into a battle for glory across a multitude of maps and gametypes including modes like Deathmatch and wave-based PvE matches. Both the drones’ abilities and appearance can be personalised to their owner’s preferences. Powerful abilities like death rays, invulnerability shields and teleportation let you pick your play-style.

Key Features of Hoverloop

  • Customisation: Pick your favorite customisable drone from a vast variety of materials, colours, hats, trails and emotes, paired with unique abilities like teleportation or death ray.
  • Combat: Obliterate your opponents with an arsenal of powerful weapons. Blow them up, stun them and punch holes in them with the machine gun.
  • Multiplayer: Play with up to four friends locally or eight players online.
  • Arenas: Fight on a variety of maps across a wide array of game modes including Deathmatches and cooperative PvE modes against waves of AI.

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