Genshin Impact‘s Lilypichu and ProZD will be joining the voice cast for Ragnarok Origin. The game is a mobile remaster of 2002’s Ragnarok Online.  In addition to this, the game has received 400,000 pre-registrations since its announcement last month.

Ragnarok Origin brings the original old-school MMORPG experience to a new audience, adapting the classic world of Ragnarok Online for the mobile generation. It will feature detailed 3D graphics, improved combat and reworked quests. There will be six highly customizable character classes. Players will be free to explore, fight, quest and socialise within the world. Explore the wilds, visit massive cities and become totally immersed in a nostalgic yet fresh fantasy world.

Lilypichu will be voicing multiple characters in the game, Spralli and Kafra. ProZD will be voicing Seyren, Hugin and Varmundt.

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