PAC-MAN has come to THE SANDBOX EVOLUTION in an official DLC with over 16 elements available, including favourites from PAC-MAN and new original ones! Create your own PAC-MAN mazes and share your amazing levels to the Online Gallery. PAC-MAN elements can be combined with all The Sandbox Evolution elements, the only limit is your imagination!

From now, players can add PAC-MAN hero, the pellets, PAC-MAN blocks and all the Ghosts with their own behaviors! Some features will really help you such as the power pellets to make you stronger to defeat the Ghosts and the teleporters to connect 2 points together and move quickly. To get more details about the PAC-MAN elements, please visit here.

THE SANDBOX EVOLUTION, developed by Pixowl, is an acclaimed 2D pixel-art world builder mobile game which has been downloaded over 25 million times. Fans and community have the opportunity to craft, build & destroy their very own pixel worlds, manipulate and discover over 300 elements (such as ambient life, traps, platforms, enemies, electronics, fantastic creatures, medieval armies, decorations, etc.) and interactions, and add controllable heroes – including some of the most popular classics IPs from BANDAI NAMCO, such as PAC-MAN and many more.

Available on Apple App Store, Google play, and Steam. To learn more about THE SANDBOX EVOLUTION, players can visit the website here and join the growing community:

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