Martha may be dead, but my excitement for this game is not. Martha is Dead builds upon LKA’s signature style of deep multi-layered narratives. It combines real-world locations and links to historical events with superstition, folklore, and deep psychological distress. And we have just gotten a new trailer to tease us even further. Before we dive in, this is a reminder that Martha is Dead is definitely NOT for a younger audience.

Breaking Martha‘s trailer down

The trailer opens with a pan down into a forest. A child’s voice asks for a bedtime story. Zoom in on Martha’s corpse, and right into her eye. This image isn’t as violent as previous incarnations we’ve seen in trailers. However, it is still very unsettling. The zoom brings us to a country road, depicted in black and white before the colours fade in. Some farm animals are grazing. Night falls, and the animals have been slaughtered. More shots of the Italian countryside.

The tone shifts, growing much darker. Shots of inside a house and church, all tinted red. A red room. Trays of chemicals laid out. A disembodied voice calls out for Jiulia. Questions if she is okay. Swarms of flies surround areas. There is a body on the ground. The closing scene is Jiulia picking up her camera.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am beyond ready for this game. At this point in time, there is no release window, so the wait ahead is indefinite. However, if we keep getting teasers like this, I can’t even begin to imagine how disturbing it will be. We’ve also now gotten a glimpse of how the photography may work in the game. It will definitely be intriguing to see how this will pan out down the line.

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