I have to start this by saying I have never needed something gaming related so badly in my life. The beautiful folks over at LKA and Wired Productions revealed the most incredible collector’s edition today. Not just any collector’s edition, however. A Martha is Dead collector’s edition.

No friends, you are not imagining things. We’re really getting a collector’s edition. Now, what does it include? Let me tell you.

  • Original Game Soundtrack on Triple Vinyl with gatefold sleeve, including digital download copy.
  • A physical copy of Martha Is Dead on PlayStation 5.
  • Exclusive Metal Case featuring special artwork.
  • Hardcover Collector’s Artbook
  • The White Lady’ book – recount the haunting tale of ‘La Leggenda de La Dama Bianca’, as told in the game.
  • Graphic Novel
  • Tarot Cards – A full set of 22 exclusive Tarot Cards with unique artwork, as seen in-game.
  • Limited Edition Collector’s Coin Pack.
  • Double-sided poster featuring iconic artwork from the game.
  • Game Map, showing key game locations.
  • An exclusive sticker sheet.
  • Stunning Presentation Box.
  • Individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
  • A bonus digital copy for the Steam Store.

However, there’s a downside. This beautiful collection will set you back £125.  Including shipping, you’re looking at close to €200. I checked. And cried. Yet somehow, someday, I will get my hands on this.

Preorders for the Martha is Dead Collector’s Edition are available through Wired Productions.

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