All hail Wired Productions. Seriously, the more these guys do, the more I love them. Teaming up with incredible indie devs is a skill they have mastered. And today, we have news. Well, we have another trailer. Martha is Dead is slowly approaching, and tension is rising. So, let’s talk about this new trailer.

Martha is Dead breakdown 2.0

This trailer is very different to what we’ve seen before, swapping between marionettes and in-game scenes. We open on a stage, with curtains drawn. The curtains open, upbeat music starts to play. A little girl is swimming, and there’s a big tree in the background. Another woman is there, simply called Nanny. Could the little girl be Martha? Also, I cannot unsee this. Nanny looks like a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who, but without the wings.

Flip to the lake itself, dark and foggy. A voice replaces the music. Is it Martha, or is it her sister?

Back to marionettes. The little girl is back, this time with a man. Her father, possibly? They are fishing under a bridge. Quick swap back to in game footage. The narrator informs us that all of the fish in that river have died.

The weeping angel, I mean, Nanny is back. The little girl is praying in her room. The music takes a darker turn, and we are back to in game of the bedroom. The whole tone has gotten so much darker. Our narrator has returned, talking about her room. Is the little girl marionette our narrator? Hands start breaking a doll apart, pulling its arms and legs off.

BAM! A bloody face appears, up close and personal. Flashes of different angles. A town on fire.

Are we gonna get spooky?

Holy heck am I excited for this game. Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it. When it comes to the horror genre as a whole, I completely trust Wired Productions. Not only that, though. Martha is Dead comes from the same people who made The Town of Light, LKA. And let me tell you, those people know how to create an atmosphere,. Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be praying to the gods at Wired and LKA for a release date for Martha. Please and thank you.

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