Razer and Stormind Games have announced a partnership to enhance the Batora: Lost Haven gaming experience.

Batora: Lost Haven will integrate Razer Chroma to let players truly immerse themselves in the game’s Retro Sci-Fi atmosphere and unique gameplay. However, thanks to this partnership, all gamers who will play it will get to enjoy the immersive lighting experiences that Razer allows to create for all their Chroma-enabled devices. Razer Chroma is currently the largest RGB ecosystem in the world.

The duality between physical and mental requires players to switch to the correct mode. This is to keep their powers and health bars balanced. So, Stormind Games’ programmers are integrating commands for Chroma-enabled devices with the game’s events and mechanics.

Likewise, the implementation of lighting customization will give players immediate visual feedback of the mode they’re in. Above all, this will aid in immersing the gaming experience. Hopefully, it will also help in visualizing powers by associating them to specific colors and effects.

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