UK Based developers UpperRoom Games has announced a partnership with War Child, a charity which works towards a world in which no child’s life is torn apart by war, and recently to provide valuable support during the COVID crisis, in form of a charity stream beginning on the 7th of May, when their debut release Wavey The Rocket launches on Steam.

UpperRoom Games are asking for one hour of a streamer’s time to play Wavey The Rocket when it releases on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or Steam Stream. In exchange, UpperRoom Games is donating £2 for every hour played, to a total sum of 2500 hours. This also applies to concurrent hours played, meaning any influencer that decides to stream for 10 hours, UpperRoom will donate £20 to the pot.

It’s all wavey gravy

Wavey The Rocket is a precision platformer that sees you playing as Wavey, the most chill Rocket this side of the cosmos, attempting to stop his best friend The Moon being destroyed by a corporation more evil than evil itself; Evil². With over 80+ retro-themed levels, bonus modes, a head-bopping soundtrack and a host of collectables, Wavey The Rocket has something for all ages.

“We’re extremely proud and humbled to be working alongside a charity such as War Child”, said Torquil Trapp, Designer at UpperRoom Games. “Being able to not only provide an excellent challenge to our community, but to also raise funds for a wonderful charity really.”

“War Child UK is an international children’s charity that supports children affected by war across the globe. We protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children who have been displaced or had their lives severely disrupted by ongoing conflict” said Alex Brew, Gaming Partnerships and Events Exec. “War Child have been working with the games industry for over 10 years to raise money and awareness for the cause and are proud to partner with UpperRoom Games on the release of Wavey the Rocket. The money raised from this launch event will go towards supporting children’s education, and recovery from war as well as our work responding to the COVID-19 crisis.”

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