Residual is a new breed of survival platformer from OrangePixel and legendary publisher Apogee Entertainment. It is set to crash-land on Steam for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch during the third quarter of 2021.

In Residual you stand alone against a uniquely generated alien world. You play as the survivor of a crashed spaceship with the goal of escaping if at all possible. Players can explore a strange world within a forgotten galaxy. From there you can uncover ancient lore and mysteries hidden for centuries miles beneath the surface.

Find refuge and strive to survive

In Residual harvest food and find warmth to make it through the night. Unearth precious metals to craft sci-fi survival tools like teleporters and force fields. Dangerous storms threaten from above and the traps of a mysterious, long-lost species guard the labyrinth of caves below.

No matter where the adventure goes, what the planet has in store, and which of over 3,000 plant and animal species appear. Which is insane to hear, over 3,000 plants and animals. Imagine if there is a trophy for that. You’d be there for eternity.

At the deepest layers of the planet, the secrets of what brought this uncharted galaxy to its knees await to be discovered. I’ll be fascinated to see what is at the core of Residual. This game sounds like it has a vibe of Returnal about it and it might be the game people want to try out if they were turned off by the price of Returnal.

“When designing Residual, my goal was to offer players something brand new every time they sat down to play, said Pascal Bestebroer of one-man studio OrangePixel. Every world tells its own story, shaped by your personal journey through it. The experience will always be challenging, but never unfair, and a rich story awaits for those who choose to seek it.”

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