The Callisto Protocol, a new sci-fi survival horror game from the creator of Dead Space has been unveiled. It will launch globally on December 2nd. The game is built by a team of industry veterans. It is also led by iconic game director Glen Schofield.

The Callisto Protocol is a next-generation take on survival horror. It promises to fuse brutal combat with a deeply human story in a terrifying sci-fi world. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Try and survive The Callisto Protocol

Set on Jupiter’s dead moon Callisto in the year 2320, The Callisto Protocol challenges players to escape the maximum-security Black Iron Prison. You’ll also have to uncover the terrifying secrets of the United Jupiter Company. Players will need to search their surroundings and adapt their tactics. Players will be using a unique blend of shooting and close-quarters combat. You’ll use these skills to survive a mysterious outbreak that has thrown Callisto into chaos.

“As a game director, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking players on a terrifying ride that stays with them long after they’ve put the controller down,” said Glen Schofield, CEO of Striking Distance Studios.

“Survival horror games have been my passion for decades, and I’m excited to take advantage of the latest consoles to take the genre to terrifying new places when we ship The Callisto Protocol later this year.”

The Callisto Protocol is available now for pre-orders. It comes in Day One, Standard, and Digital Deluxe editions. A Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively in the US and Canada at Gamestop and EB Games. Ans it includes several notable items. These include a limited run Steelbook case, comic book, and ultra-premium collectable statue. ​Hopefully, as the game’s release draws near European editions will be available to pre-order as well.

Dead to rights

This game looks absolutely, devastatingly brilliant. From the photographic realism of the graphics to the over the top gore, The Callisto Protocol looks like the perfect spiritual successor to Dead Space. On top of that, we have a pedigree of talent with the likes of Josh Duhamel and Karen Fukuhara.

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