Street Fighter’s American stereotype is back ladies and gentlemen. Guile has arrived as the fifth character for Street Fighter 6. Guile finds himself alongside his peers Chun-Li and Ryu and new faces like Luke and Jamie who were the first members of the Street Fighter 6 roster revealed during last week’s PlayStation State of Play broadcast. Street Fighter 6 represents the next evolution of the Street Fighter series and launches worldwide in 2023.

Guile’s move set in Street Fighter 6 brings back some of his classic arsenal as well as introduces new attacks that continue his legacy of intensity and power. Challenge yourself to pull off each of the high-powered attacks with the Classic Control Type, or jump straight into the action with the brand new, simplified Modern Control Type. His moves include:

  • Somersault Kick (Flash Kick) – The classic backflip kick
  • Sonic Boom – Guile’s main projectile ability
  • Sonic Blade – A stationary aerial slash
  • Sonic Hurricane – A massive aerial slash that lands directly ahead or diagonally upwards
  • Solid Puncher – Fires a flurry of small Sonic Boom projectiles
  • Crossfire Somersault – A brand new Super Art that fires a massive aerial slash followed by a devastating Somersault Kick

With the return of Guile it will likely make fans wonder is Charlie part of this roster as well. It’ll be fascinating to see those two go head to head in this latest iteration of the acclaimed beat ’em up.

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