Team17 has announced Killer Frequency. This new title is a horror-comedy set in a 1980s mid-American town where a serial killer is on the loose. This particular baddie is looking to maximise their kill count. Coming to Meta Quest 2 and Steam via flat-screen mode this year, Killer Frequency marks Team17’s first development foray into VR, and sees players take the night shift at the local radio station and help listeners as they’re stalked by the mysterious masked killer.

What frequency again?

As the gruesome night unfolds, players interact with callers using a variety of conversation options. You’ll have to listen carefully for clues and information. On top of that, you’ll have to solve puzzles around the studio.

These could help prevent each caller’s grisly demise and keep the show going with tunes inspired by the decade. Players can also explore the studio building, and interact with authentic items from the era, including a working turntable and a cassette player.

Killer Frequency Key Features

  • Unique horror-themed radio DJ experience: Take control of the switchboard and explore an authentic 1980s radio studio. Then guide the fates of your late-night listeners stalked by a mysterious killer
  • Real-time decision making and puzzle-solving: Take calls from potential victims while gathering clues, making decisions, and solving satisfying puzzles that could help each caller survive the night
  • Fully voice-acted story & retro ‘80s-inspired soundtrack: Interact with a variety of larger-than-life personalities. Including callers, potential suspects, and a charismatic producer while jamming to a jukebox of 1980s-inspired tunes

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