XEL, the picturesque action-slash-sci-fi game is coming this summer to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and GOG. Adorned as a “love letter to classic Zelda titles,” XEL’s latest trailer shows off the strikingly fluorescent landscapes awaiting players. As well as some of the game’s brain-bending puzzle levels and its core mechanic and most fascinating story element: time travel.

In XEL time travel across a mystifying world with Reid

XEL follows an amnesiac protagonist named Reid, who finds herself shipwrecked on a mystifying planet with no memory of who she is or where she’s from. During her quest, Reid will meet a cast of charming characters. She’ll engage in thrilling top-down dungeon-clearing combat, and of course, find and upgrade a whole arsenal of valuable items and tools — some of which may help her jump through space and time itself.

Key Features of XEL Include: 

  • Old School Meets New School. XEL combines retro with modern in a classic top-down 3D action-adventure. It also features a well-crafted and fun combat system. Comprised of, dodging, parrying, and clever gadgets it’s got something for everyone.
  • Adventure Through Space and Time: Explore the mysterious world of XEL and uncover its dark past. Utilize mind-bending time travel to unlock the secrets of the mysterious land whilst mastering the many challenging dungeons waiting to be explored

XEL will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch this Summer. Not only that though, but Xbox and PlayStation gamers will also be able to pick it up later in the year.

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