Xbox players finally have a chance to see where the legendary Yakuza series all began, with the release of Yakuza Kiwami on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and Windows 10.

A ground-up remake of 2005’s Yakuza, Yakuza Kiwami picks up where Yakuza 0 leaves off and puts players back in the snakeskin shoes of series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. After facing a 10-year prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s released into a world he no longer recognizes. Shortly after his release, he encounters a mysterious girl named Haruka. He then learns she may be the key to the answers Kiryu seeks.

Key features when you play as the Dragon of Dojima in Yakuza Kiwami:

  • Fight Like a Dragon: It wouldn’t be Yakuza without thugs and rival yakuza trying to take you down around every corner! Master four distinct fighting styles. If you’d prefer though just grab whatever is lying on the street – a traffic cone, a sign, or even a bike – to take down your enemies.
  • Majima Everywhere: Who’s that walking down the street? Or hiding behind the corner? Or lying in wait under that giant traffic cone? It’s Majima, and he’s everywhere! Yakuza Kiwami introduces the ‘Majima Everywhere’ system. You’ll always have to be on your toes and ready for combat when you encounter fan-favourite character Goro Majima.
  • The Story Can Wait: Yakuza Kiwami contains a depth of content outside of the main story path. Take a break with some karaoke, compete in Pocket Circuit races, collect cards for your MesuKing. Then battle Bug Beauties team, complete over 70 substories, or just take a walk around Kamurocho.

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