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I need to start this off with a warning. I have absolutely zero positive things to say about this game at all. By this stage, you all know that I try to find positives where I can. No matter how bad a game seems to me, I always do my best to find something good to say. I just can’t do it this time. And I am sorry, but oh jeez. Today I’m talking about Martha and it won’t take long.

So, what is Martha?

In pursuit of your missing colleague, your car breaks down. Luckily for you, it’s beside a house. Time to go investigate and look for a phone! The description for the game says ” What follows next can only be described as an intense, action-driven fight for survival.” Dear friends, it is far from this.

Sometimes I question if my standards are just too high because I have seen a lot of positive reviews for this game. But let me tell you why this is such a flop for me.

The problem(s)

The first thing I’m going to talk about is the gameplay. Movement feels really stiff, and I had to turn the mouse sensitivity way up for it to feel semi-fluid. It felt like there was no in-between on it. Interacting with things is also awful. You have to practically be right on top of something to interact with it. The graphics also are not great.

The colour scheme is very dark, and adjusting the brightness barely helps. You’re also made to feel guilty about needing to adjust the brightness. There is literally a message over the brightness bar that says “don’t be soft keep it low”. But here’s the thing, the game is so disgustingly dark that you will not see ANYTHING unless you do turn it up. Like hi, thanks. I wear glasses when I game. My sight already isn’t great. Adjusting the brightness barely even helps.

The audio cues are also a tad wonky. I don’t know if that was just a bug though. Some of the cues just seemed a little too early or late. There was definitely a freezing bug. The screen got stuck on images, but the audio still played.

Using the controls, you could also hear that the character was moving around. The screen just wouldn’t change. I also personally didn’t find the story very interesting. The loading screen also spoils that the titular Martha is the spirit haunting the house.

This was just a total flop for me. At least it’s cheap.

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