Maglam Lord what's love got to do with it?
A lovable game for those looking for demonic love.
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Maglam Lord is a JRPG, a dating simulator, a dungeon crawler, and way out of my comfort zone. I know most RPGs have these elements these days but not like this. It is so in your face (and I’m not just talking about the anime boobs) that you can help but be sucked into each element and in most cases, you don’t have a choice.

The Administration wills it

In Maglam Lord you play as a male or female Demon lord called Killzerk. After bringing so much chaos and ruin to the world of Eusdeal. Both the Gods and Demon Lords have decided that the only way to bring an end to it is to destroy you. The end, only joking. You awaken in the same world in a weakened state with everything at peace and run by an organization known as The Administration.

Due to Killizerk’s status as the last Bladelord, the Administration has designated them as an endangered species along with Heroes, Gods, and Demon Lords. Mamie of the Administration is the main quest giver in the game and also makes your team up with sibling heroes Darius and Charme. These along with a few other characters make up your love interests.

Maglam Lord’s story is broken up into chapters, with each one having its own main and side quests. The story itself is told in a novel style where you can choose responses based on Cool, Funny, or Demonic answer choices. Each will impact how your relationships with team members develop for that all-important love connection. Also, different choices can unlock different banner names for your character and teammates. The side quests aren’t mandatory but are useful for grinding craft materials and other useful items.

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I put the blade into Bladelord

Forging is an important part of the fighting element of Maglam Lord. The Maglam weapons that are welded are created by Killizerk and the higher the rank of the weapon you create the more powerful it is. The only weapons you create are axes, swords, or spears. You can customize these with skins and trinkets for extra stats which was a nice addition. Characters can also level up and increase skills or other abilities instead. They can learn magic attacks and healing abilities which come in handy against the mutibeasts and in Boss battles.

The strange thing about the weapons is that you are the weapon. That’s right, plot twist, you don’t fight as Kilizerk. You become the blade and are welded by a party member until the battle gauge is full and you are unleashed. This was a pity because I just wanted to run around with Killzerk and slaughter mutants. The combat itself is a bit of a letdown as well. During quests, you can go out in the world. Here you will see creatures roaming around and in the JRPG manner, you bump into them for battle encounters.

These encounters then turn into a 2D scroller-type fight where your can jump, hit or use an ability. This became boring after a while because it became too samey. The combos were the same each time and nothing varied at all, even when you levelled up which is a real shame.

Love is in the air

The love aspect of Maglam Lord was fun. After each adventure, you can go to the Love Dojo and see what affection characters are at. You first learn about love from a giant of a man called, The Love Guru G.G. That’s not even the strange part. Upon hearing of your interest in love, your old servant and now floating ghost, Balga, is extremely happy and can’t wait for you to sire an heir. Pretty much everyone is dateable in the game. I just picked one because I wasn’t too bothered. It is a good addition to the game and fleshes it out a lot as it isn’t a long game.

To sum it all up, I thought Maglam Lord was fun. It looks good and the voice acting is top-notch. I am a sucker for all-Japanese audio with subtitles and the bonus was the main narrator sounded like All Might. All it was missing was better combat and a bigger more interesting world. If you like these types of games you will enjoy this.

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