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Before I begin this review, I’d like to explain my limited history with VR. It’s always been a fascinating experience for me. When I had my PS4, towards the tail end of its life cycle, I bought a PSVR, which was honestly fine. There were a few interesting titles, but nothing blew my mind. Now I got my hands on Straylight for the Meta Quest 2 and well, I have thoughts.

Let’s swing baby

Straylight is a phenomenal piece of gaming. I adored it. It’s bright, it’s shiny and I couldn’t believe how comfortable it all was. The speeds you move at, in this game are incredible. Before going into my experience I’d like to break down the basics of the game.

You are simply this character tasked with challenges by an eerie disembodied voice, reminiscent of GLaDOS. You are tasked with traversing a small galaxy in each level, 24 in all, trying to reach the black hole within each level. Players have to use their hands to connect and swing to each different star. It feels incredible as you soar across each level. Also, each level becomes more complex to traverse, as the eerie voice adds more obstacles.

From simple objects that kill you to fun sticky orbs and more, Straylight makes you feel like Spider-Man trying to swing through New York’s skyline. Many will say this, I will expand on this statement and go a different route though. If you’re a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s books The Stormlight Archives, you will feel right at home here. I felt like I was a Windrunner, lashing from star to star moving at incredible speeds. I felt like Kaladin Stormblessed and I loved it.

The game also has huge replayability value. If you can manoeuvre with particular skill you can pick up a cube that gives access to new modes and difficulties and it’s brilliant trying to figure out how to manoeuvre to reach a particularly annoying cube. Also, this game’s score is compelling, engaging, and addictive. One level is soothing, the other is energetic, and it’s a great experience.

With Straylight, I had an absolute blast. I loved taking to the skies again and again and I can’t wait to pick it up again. For those who have found this review interesting head over to Steam where Straylight is currently on sale.

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