6Souls is officially launching digitally across PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Switch and Xbox on December 3rd. Jack and his faithful dog Butch are big adventure lovers. One day, they come across a map in which they find details of an abandoned castle of the Clifford family. So naturally, they head on their way in search of possible treasure.

It soon becomes apparent that actually getting into the castle may not be that straightforward. The castle’s bridge collapses, and the pair have to get out of the abyss through the castle’s basement. This is where they find the first soul (the soul of the palace), who asks for help.

6Souls is presented in an interesting and inventive way, with its tangle of events that unwind the further you proceed. It presents 10 main chapters, more than 80 levels in the normal game mode, and more than 120 levels in the difficult mode, complete with bosses.

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