PQube and developer Jinsub Jung have revealed new gameplay for Unsouled. See how the ‘death touch’ skill deals bone-shaking damage in moment-to-moment gameplay and boss fights alike. Absorb the souls of your vanquished enemies to strengthen your powers and wreak havoc on those who stand in your way.

The story of Unsouled

Follow the story of a boy and girl with fate intertwined, brought together through a shared ability to absorb the souls of the dead. Discover how they use this power with different intent through environmental storytelling, where more is revealed by interacting with the world around you.

You’ve got the ‘Death Touch’, you’ve got the power

Viciously grab your enemy as you continuously deal damage while recovering stamina with the ‘death touch’. Upgrade this skill up to three times to strike fear in every encounter.

Hone your skills, parry your opponent and strike, using sword slashes, dashes, and soul powers in a graceful combat system that rewards player dedication. With a variety of unlockable abilities and an additional Training mode, you can learn to quickly dispatch enemies with a lethal arsenal of powerful chain combo attacks

The beautiful and eerie world of Unsouled

Ruins, mausoleums, caves. Lifeless places. The world of Unsouled might seem dark and melancholic at first, but all the more overwhelming are the moments of silence and peace when the camera zooms out as you uncover one of the game’s lookout points with a glorious panoramic view over its surprisingly lush environment

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